Mission & Priorities



An environment in which doping free sport is valued and fostered in the Gulf States and Yemen Region.


To promote and co-ordinate the fight against doping in sport in all its forms in the Gulf States and Yemen Region.

Core Values


  • We are impartial, objective, equitable and balanced.
  • We avoid improper influences or conflicts of interest that would undermine our independent and unbiased judgment.

Ethical approach:

  • We will conduct out activities in accordance with the highest standards o ethical behavior.
  • We will develop policies, procedures and practices that reflect justice, equity and integrity.


  • We will conduct our activities in accordance with principles of transparency and accountability.


  • We will adopt a professional approach when conducting business for and on behalf of the RADO.

Best Practice:

  • We will strive to apply best practice standards to all our activities.


  • We will develop innovative and practical solutions to assist all countries and sporting organizations in the   Gulf States and Yemen Region to implement effective anti-doping programs.

Strategic Objectives:
  1. Education/Advocacy: To educate and inform Gulf States and Yemen Region National Olympic Committees,Governments, Sporting Organizations, athletes and support personnel about the benefits of doping free sport and the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code.
  2. Doping Control: To ensure the implementation of effective doping control programs to prevent, deter and detect the use of doping in sport in the Gulf States and Yemen Region and for athletes of the Gulf States and Yemen Region.
  3. Development and implementation of Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations to govern the Gulf States and Yemen Region : To provide assistance, guidance and leadership to Gulf States and Yemen Region countries in the development and implementation of anti-doping rules and regulations; along with the establishment of their national anti-doping program and respective compliance to the World Anti-Doping Code.
  4. Communication: To communicate the importance of anti-doping initiatives with Governments, National     Olympic Committees, sporting organizations, athletes, support personnel and media to ensure effective     regional buy-in, support and compliance.
  5. Sustainability/ Organization Effectiveness: To ensure the long term sustainability of the Gulf States and        Yemen Regional Anti-Doping Organization.