We strongly advise that athletes should not resort to nutritional supplements as we believe that  the achievement of best level of performance can be achieved simply through the following of an intensive nutritional diet program , regular training under the supervision of coach and by taking enough rest .

However, if athletes still wish to take supplement, then this will be on their own risk; and they should always verify that the products they are intended to use are not contaminated with substances that are prohibited under the WADA Prohibited List.

According to the principle of ‘strict liability’: 

“Athletes are solely responsible for what is in their body at all times”. 

In the light of this concept , athletes must take all steps to check the ingredients of any medicines and supplements that they choose to take. 

Athletes might resort to online resources to help them in identifying the most reputable sources to purchase supplements , but , on the other hand , they should be aware that these online resources cannot check the ingredients of all supplement as such cannot ensure the purity of supplements . Furthermore, it is well-known that product  ingredients may vary from batch-to batch.

As such, our advice is “ Do Not Take Supplement”.