Therapeutic Use Exemption


How can I obtain a TUE to permit me using a Prohibited Substance or Method?

Athlete may experience a signification illness that requires the use of a Prohibited Substance or Method on the WADA Prohibited List. The use of a prohibited substance or method under the World Anti-doping Code required an approved Therapeutic Use Exemption.

To gain the approval of using a prohibited substance or method, athlete should submit a complete application alongside with the support medical document that justifies the use of the prohibited substance or method to the concerned Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee (TUEC).

A panel of expert panels appointed by the ADO reviews and grants TUE, in strict accordance with the following criteria the TUE if:

The athlete's health will be significantly impaired if the substance is not used.
The substance does not enhance performance.
There are no alternative treatments available.


What should I do before submitting my application?
  • Check your medication at , to determine the status of the medication if it contains a prohibited substance and Method or not.
  • Determine your competition level; are you competing at National or International Level? ; are you registered at the RTP?

To whom shall I submit my application?

  • To your National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO); basically NADOs in the member countries shall deal with TUE applications submitted by their athletes who are at the National level, or those athletes who are at their Test Registered Pool (RTP).
  • To the concerned International Federations: An Athlete at the international level should submit their application forms directly to the concerned International Federation.
  • To RADO has an Advisory TUE Commission: if the NADO at your country doesn’t have yes established its TUEC or doesn’t have the mechanism to deal and consider the application. 
NOTE- the Athlete should submit his application to one body only.

Where shall I obtain the application form?

  • National Anti-Doping Organization- National level Athletes.
  • International Federation – International Level Athletes.
If you wish to apply your application to RADO office, please complete the TUE Application Form; or click on here for electronically submission of your application.

When Should I submit my application?

An Athlete should submit his/her application form at least 30 days in advance of intended use.

Decision of TUEC

The TUEC shall officially inform you by its rendered decision. The decision may
The TUEC shall provide you with a formal written decision informing you about its rendered decision either by granting or refusing your application. Therefore, do not ingest your medication until you obtain the formal documented approval that permit using the prohibited substance or method.
Be informed that the rendered decision shall specify:
  •  Used Substance.
  •  Dose of substance 
  •  Period of usage.
Always Remember that:

  • The permission might be withdrawn if the Athlete didn’t abide with the regulation of the TUEC that granted the TUE or due to the expiration of the granted TUE.
  • WADA has the right to review all rendered decision of TUE, the decision taken by ADO might be reverse by WADA.

DownloadTUE Application Form