Doping Control


The Gulf States & Yemen RADO plays a significant role in the doping control programme.

Most member states have teams of experienced Doping Control officers who are capable of conducting all types of doping control testing in their respective countries. 

Such DCOs will do their best to ensure that all the athletes of the Region undergo the same sample collection procedures.

The Regional Anti-Doping Organization will seek the services of the doping control officers in the Region to conduct doping control testing as required by the anti-doping organizations including the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as well as the international and Asian sports federations, etc.
Doping test serves as a deterrent to the use of prohibited substances and methods in sports. It is an excellent indicator of genuine compliance on the part of athletes as it pertains to maintaining a drug-free attitude towards sport. 

Athletes may be tested at any time both in and out of competition, as well as during times indicated on their whereabouts information routine schedules which should be posted on the Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) online site.

In addition to the tests, the Regional Anti-Doping Organization may seek the assistance of specialized and qualified staff from the member states in other fields related to the doping detection including:

1. Therapeutic Use Exemption.
2. Results Management.
3. Disciplinary Actions.
4. Appeals.

The GCC & YEMEN RADO shall work in close partnership with the member states in the Region to identify the best occasions and opportunities to facilitate the programmes during the major events that take place in the Region.