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The GCC & YEMEN RADO shall work in close partnership with the National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) in the Region to ensure that the awareness programs meet the national organizations' objectives and their implementation in an efficient and effective manner in the Region.

To achieve this goal, on the 1st May 2013, the Gulf States & Yemen RADO established the Regional Education Sub-Commission in order to support the educational initiatives and awareness programs in the Region.

 Responsibilities of NADOs in the member states with respect to education and awareness include:

  • Distributing educational materials related to the ant-doping programs to the concerned bodies including the athletes, athlete support personnel and all other targeted groups in the sports community.
  • Ensuring that the athletes understand and are fully aware of any specific requirements of the sport, e.g. reporting asthma medications, providing athletes' whereabouts information etc.
  • Facilitating presentations to their athletes and particularly to those moving through                 academic/development programmes. 
This is most critical as coaches, managers and administrators play a key role in identifying               opportunities and assisting in making the necessary arrangements to present such                             awareness lectures

 Regional Education Sub-Commission

It consists of seven members representing the member States in the Region, who are fully Acknowledgeable of anti-doping programs and possess the required skills and the experiences to deliver the anti-doping awareness programme.

The Commission is responsible for:

  1. Preparing the awareness programs and educational material.
  2. Conducting social researches.
  3. Translating the material sources to local language (Arabic).
  4. Preparing the Newsletter.
  5. Enrichment of RADO website.
  6. Any other activities which would help raise the level of awareness of athletes and their entourage about the consequences of doping.